The newest trailer for the FIFA 16 video game gets soccer fans hyped for the new season of league play.

With the biggest leagues in Europe set to get underway over the next few weeks, including the Premier League this coming weekend, soccer fans around the world are getting amped for the action. For that reason alone, it makes sense that EA Sports would want to capitalize on that excitement.

EA Sports released the latest trailer for their upcoming FIFA 16 title that is essentially a hype video for the 2015-16 season around the world. Quite frankly, it’s awesome and will get anyone ready to see the beautiful game:

With Alex Morgan on the cover of the latest FIFA release, it’s good to see some women’s action in the latest trailer. That being said, they also succeed in cranking up the hype for upcoming seasons, even building to the crescendo of Lionel Messi scoring. Also, let’s not underestimate the fantastic choice of music by having “At Last” playing throughout the latest trailer.

After being hyped up for the new season by the trailer, you won’t have to wait long for actual action. If you’re just stoked for FIFA 16, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The game won’t hit stores until September 25.

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