So, I stumbled across the .txt file for a thread I made a while back, and it got me thinking about the events of 2.5 in a new light.

Let’s start with perhaps the most confounding question: Are the Crystals of Light Hydaelyn’s blessing?

At first I wasn’t sure that they were directly Hydaelyn’s blessing. However, our interactions with Midgardsormr made me reconsider that. Specifically, when he seals the Crystals he says that he has stripped us of her blessing, and he rather seems to know what he’s talking about. So, I’m willing to take Mid at his word. On the other hand, the next question complicates things somewhat. . .

Next question: Mechanically speaking, how was the blessing stripped from us?

For reasons I’ll explain shortly, I think that the Crystals of Light were completely sealed. That is, sealed from Hydaelyn, sealed from us, and sealed even from Mid (though I assume he can undo it if he really needed them). Now, I have reason to believe that certain things associated with the Crystals predate our encountering them. I’ll go into those reasons in the next section. If it’s true, though, it means that Hydaelyn (presumably) was interacting with them before we found them. I suspect that simply having their presence in the life stream was enough for Hydaelyn to utilize them, and that Mid’s sealing them has temporarily removed them from the stream entirely. Read More →

American game company Blizzard Entertainment filed an infringement complaint against Chinese mobile game DOTA Legend in Taiwan Monday.

According to a statement released by Blizzard, DOTA Legend, which was launched by China’s Lilith Games, “infringes upon multiple game characters and game scenes from the firm’s World of Warcraft and the Warcraft universe.”

“In order to preserve a sustainable environment for creative and technology-based companies like Blizzard and its partners to thrive in Taiwan, it’s critical that intellectual property rights be protected,” Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams said in the statement.

A player plays DOTA Legend on a smartphone in Taipei. (Photo/Chang Kai-yi)

Lemon Games, which acquired the rights to DOTA Legend in Taiwan and introduced the game to the Taiwanese market last August, said Blizzard’s complaint against it seems to target the wrong company.

Lemon Games said it has no control over the development of the game and only owns the right to run the game in Taiwan.

Sources said Chinese companies behind DOTA Legend have been reaching out to Blizzard in order to settle out of court, as they believe they might lose the case.

Aaron Hsu, chairman of Taiwanese game developer XPEC Entertainment, said he is glad to see international companies choosing to launch legal battles in Taiwan.

If DOTA Legend is found to be guilty of infringement, it will present a new issue facing the game industries of both Taiwan and China, Hsu added.

According to Google Play, the search engine’s mobile app shop, DOTA Legend is No. 3 on the list of the top-grossing apps, while Lemon Games said the game brings in daily revenue of 9 million yuan (US$1.4 million) in China.

Lilith Games, on the other hand, has filed a complaint in the United States against the developer behind Heroes Charge for alleged infringement.

‘World Of Warcraft’ Patch 6.1 Hotfixes Update Including The Blast Furnace And The Naxxramas Legacy Issues

Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft” has released another update for the hotfixes of its patch 6.1. It features new information on various issues that have been resolved including those that affect the game’s raids, dungeons, Player versus Player, or “PvP,” classes, items, quests, environments and world events. These include details about the Blast Furnace and the Naxxramas Legacy issues. It also includes a bug fix on the Mark of Warsong. Read on to learn more about the latest “WoW” updates.

“World Of Warcraft” Patch 6.1 Hotfixes Update reports that the latest hotfixes were released on Thursday, March 19, 2015. Information about the Ashran “PvP” and the “World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor” classes is provided. Plus, a set of hotfixes were also posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. It includes updates on the Day Deathwing Came Quest and the Frostfire Ridge. Below is a list of the new “WoW” Patch 6.1 hotfixes. Read More →

The League of Legends 5.5 Patch was released on March 11th and with it came a laundry list of game changes including champion tweaks, bug fixes, graphical interface changes, and some brand new items. Unfortunately one of the cool new items doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

Riot Games has been teasing their new +120 ability power item for awhile now. Ever since they removed Deathfire Grasp from the game, it needed a replacement. The newly Luden’s Echo is supposed to be that replacement. Luden’s Echo costs 3,100 gold and gives you +120 ability power, +7% movement speed, and has a passive that works similar to Statikk Shiv but with damage dealing abilities rather than basic attacks. It’s not quite a Deathfire Grasp but is still a useful item. At least, on the maps you can build it correctly.

League of Legends 5.5 Patch

Luden’s Echo normally builds out of a Needlessly Large Rod and an Aether Wisp. The problem is, the Needlessly Large Rod can’t actually be purchased on some game modes. Shops on The Crystal Scar (Dominion) and Twisted Treeline do not have a Needlessly Large Rod available to purchase as a standalone item. The only way you can even find it on the shop is by going into the recipe for an item that requires it (Luden’s Echo for example). It doesn’t exist as its own item that you can find by categorizing the shop via ability power for example.

Normally requiring a few extra clicks wouldn’t be that much of an issue but even if you find it via the Luden’s Echo recipe, you still can’t buy one! Double clicking the Needlessly Large Rod does nothing. No matter how many times you click the darn thing the shopkeeper just won’t let you have it. It’s unbuyable. This means you can only acquire a Luden’s Echo by first buying an Aether Wisp to knock 850 gold off the steep 3,100 gold price tag. Then you need to save up a hefty 2,250 gold to finish off Luden’s Echo from Aether Wisp alone.

Considering it has already been several days since the patch was released, Riot Games is most likely not even aware of this issue. The fact this glitch doesn’t happen on Summoner’s Rift or Howling Abyss just further goes to show how neglected The Crystal Scar and Twisted Treeline truly are. I have reached out to Riot about the problem but as of this writing have yet to hear back. Hopefully it gets sorted out quickly because as it is, Luden’s Echo remains out of the price range of most Dominion and Twisted Treeline players, requiring 2,250 gold at one time to get one. That is a shame because the Echo is a really fun item to mess around with. At least Bami’s Cinder works though.

With subscription tokens , purchasable with gold, coming to WoW, people with enough in-game gold income might get away with not paying any real money to keep their account active. So why not go through a bunch of methods on how to make a small fortune in Warlords of Draenor? They might come in handy soon.

Ten Easy Ways To Make Gold In World of Warcraft

Bellular collected ten really good ways in his recent video, without going deep into flipping the Auction House with dozens of characters or doing shady stuff. These are all basically combinations of finding the best solo content and using professions efficiently.

Here’s a short breakdown of all the methods shown in the video:

1.Soloing 25-man Cataclysm raids. The more characters you have, the more you can do these each week.

2.Bastion of Twilight trash runs. All you do is you go into the normal 25-man version of BoT, clear the first room of regular monsters, leave, reset and repeat.

3.Doing Treasure Hunter follower missions using followers with the Treasure Hunter trait.

4.Farming cloth at Sra’vess and the Ruins of Guo-Lai with a tailoring character. These spots seem to be the best ones gold- and item-wise in Pandaria.

5.Focusing on Sorcerous transmutes with an alchemist character.

6.Selling Savage Blood on the Auction House. It got a bit cheaper since patch 6.1 (on my server it still goes for around 450 gold each and people buy them in huge quantities), but it also got easier to collect them.

7.Crafting Warlords of Draenor epics constantly.

8.Gems and flasks still sell well on the Auction House.

9.Farming the Battered Hilt in the Pit of Saron dungeon. It sells for thousands of gold on the Auction House.

10.Doing Blackrock Foundry trash runs with a well-geared 5-man party converted to a raid. If you find any BoE epics, those go for tens of thousands of gold on the AH.

So as you can see, making a lot gold in WoW is really easy nowadays, much easier then, say, two expansions earlier, and while you can spend it all on rare mounts, transmog items or pets, it’s probably wise to save it till tokens are finally in the game.

Kritika: The White Knights is an exciting action-RPG that has you hacking and slashing your way through multiple foes at once! Journey through perilous dungeons, take down massive bosses, and gather all sorts of epic loot! Here is a guide from, hope it will help you on your quest in the game. Now just check the guide below:

Kritika: The White Knights

1. Go crazy with your skills!

Regardless of who you picked your starting character to be, you’ll begin the game with a skill that’s great for wiping out a big area of enemies. Your skills only cost about 3% of your total MP at early levels, so don’t be afraid to use them to make levels go faster. Spam those skills and destroy everything!

2. Hold down the attack button for auto-aiming!

You don’t have to repeatedly tap the attack button to do your basic attacks. You can just hold it down and your character will automatically turn and face nearby opponents to make sure the attacks connect. Read More →

MMORPGs are designed to encourage players to spend hundreds of hours on getting their characters to the highest levels of the game. While this can certainly lead to some great gameplay and storytelling, it can also have some negative consequences. The most prominent example of this is when players die during gameplay.

According to The Mirror, a Chinese “World of Warcraft” player died after playing for more than 19 hours. 24-year-old Wu Tai had spent a significant amount of time in an Internet cafe in Shanghai, China playing “WoW.” After over 17 hours of gameplay, Tai slumped over and coughed up blood. When other visitors at the cafe inquired further about Tai’s status, he waved them off and continued playing. One of the visitors called the local ambulance to come take care of Tai, but he died before the medical crews arrived. The bloody moment were recorded on CCTV and posted on the Mirror.

'World of Warcraft' Avatar

A spokesman from the Chinese police noted that “An autopsy will determine the cause of death but there seems little doubt his playing on the computer for 19 hours instead of resting contributed to his death.”

Geek Magazine suspects that Tai likely suffered from a previous ailment, and that his death occurred because he chose to play “WoW” rather than rest or recover.

This isn’t the first time a player has died in the middle of an extended gaming session. Dozens of similar accounts have been recorded where players died from cardiac arrest and bodily failure after spending days playing without taking a break.

World of Warcraft is set to launch real-money transactions and the ability to play without paying for a subscription, as developers Blizzard move to position the game against free-to-play competitors.

Visitors play World of Warcraft at the Blizzard Entertainment exhibition stand during the Gamescom 2014 fair in Cologne.

The company is introducing “WoW tokens”, which can be bought from other players for in-game gold, or from Blizzard for real money, and exchanged for 30 days of game time. That currently costs £9.99 on Blizzard’s store, although it drops to £8.69 if bought in bulk. The changes mean players can for the first time buy in-game gold from Blizzard indirectly .

At the same time, a player with more time than money can now use gold collected while playing the game to buy themselves a longer subscription, without having to spend real money on anything other than the initial purchase of the game. Read More →

Somewhere, in the lands of Azeroth, a neutral Pandaren is on the cusp of hitting a world first milestone. World of Warcraft player, Doubleagent, is a mere couple days away from hitting level 100 on his factionless Pandaren character; achieved entirely through the picking of herbs.

For this achievement, he’s invited everyone and anyone to come and join him via an “Open Raid”, on Tuesday, March 3rd. “The plan is to have a little tour of the isle before turning 100 next to one of the nodes, just to be a little reminiscent of the Level 90 event.” said Doubleagent.

We’ve covered Doubleagent in the past – both when he achieved his level 90 goal, and in an interview about his motives behind the challenge.

To celebrate level 100, he wants all of Azeroth to join him as he gathers the last herb needed to ding him max level. To make it easy, Doubleagent has created an Open Raid post with all the details on how to join. Here’s the important bits: Read More →