Top 6 Tips for Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika: The White Knights is an exciting action-RPG that has you hacking and slashing your way through multiple foes at once! Journey through perilous dungeons, take down massive bosses, and gather all sorts of epic loot! Here is a guide from, hope it will help you on your quest in the game. Now just check the guide below:

Kritika: The White Knights

1. Go crazy with your skills!

Regardless of who you picked your starting character to be, you’ll begin the game with a skill that’s great for wiping out a big area of enemies. Your skills only cost about 3% of your total MP at early levels, so don’t be afraid to use them to make levels go faster. Spam those skills and destroy everything!

2. Hold down the attack button for auto-aiming!

You don’t have to repeatedly tap the attack button to do your basic attacks. You can just hold it down and your character will automatically turn and face nearby opponents to make sure the attacks connect.

3. Craft new weapons!

At level 5, you’ll gain access to the forge. Here you can spend materials to craft new equipment. Be sure to check back here often, as crafting is the best way to obtain new equipment. If you ever feel like you’re under powered, try crafting some new weapons!

4. Use auto-battle for easy leveling!

After you cleared a level out once on Easy mode, you can then attempt the same level again on Normal and Hard mode, and you can also use auto-battle. Auto-battle is self-explanatory: your character will automatically make their way to the boss, defeating all enemies on the way. Use this for easy leveling! As an added bonus, the harder the difficulty you play on, the better the rewards will be!

5. Combine old equipment into better equipment!

If you’re sitting on a hefty pile of old and outdated equipment, you can combine 4 pieces to create a better piece of equipment. The higher rarity of equipment you use, the better the result will be! Do this if you’re running out of space. Be careful though, fusing take quite a lot of gold depending on what you’re trying to make, so sometimes you might be better off just selling your old equipment.

6. Check your mail!

If you’ve started playing recently, be sure to check your mail. There’s an event going on that will grant you three free avatar items, items that you can normally only get with real money. These items change the look of your character, but they also give you big stat bonuses, like more HP and defense. Don’t miss out!

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