Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that there will be no major news regarding the Diablo franchise at its annual convention, ‘Blizzcon,’ being held next week. This rules out the possibility of a second expansion reveal for Diablo III at the event, following the release of their first expansion, Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls, earlier this year. The line up for Blizzcon includes several panels described by the developer as “can’t miss” in an official press release, but only the Warcraft and Starcraft franchises are featured among those panels. Diablo III will also utilize a smaller play area at the event compared to its sister franchises, providing further evidence that the game is being de-emphasized for the time being. Although these hints alone would be enough to curb one’s expectations regarding any major announcements, official confirmation also came via the Diablo fansite at IncGamers that there would be no word of any future titles in the series.

No Diablo 3 Expansions To Be Revealed At Blizzcon 2014

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