SOE Kicks Off its Annual Winter Seasonal Events

The weather outside might be frightful, but Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is bringing forth some game features that are quite delightful!

SOE is kicking off its annual winter seasonal events and promotions for players across the SOE library, including DC Universe Online, Dragon’s Prophet, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Landmark, and PlanetSide2. With many winter themed festivities already underway and extending through the New Year, players will embark on quests that are sure to get the yuletide spirit pumping. Players are encouraged to login daily as to not miss any of the holiday festivities!

Details regarding each game’s winter festivities and promotions can be found below!

DC Universe Online: Now through Jan. 6, 2015


Season’s Greedings! Larfleeze is up to his no-good-holiday-shenanigans again. During this year’s winter seasonal event, take on his Orange Lantern Corp minions in the open world or confront the nefarious thief in a special boss fight. Stop him, and you can earn yourself some holiday cheer and presents of your own. Previous years’ feats and rewards are back, in addition to new base items, styles, a feat, and collection.

Dragon’s Prophet: Now through Jan. 15, 2015


The Silver Dragon Festival is a time for family and friends to gather in celebration of the winter season and the forthcoming New Year’s festivities. It’s a time to enjoy the warmth of good food and pure wine, performances and songs praising the deeds of the dragon dance, and share gifts with one another to help bless the New Year. Unfortunately, this year’s Silver Dragon Festival has fallen prey to the misdeeds of a group of goblins and giants who plan to steal the dragon gifts. In order to bring peace to the festivities, it’s up to the good people to come together and put a stop to the goblins and giants. In true holiday spirit though, the Great Dragons don’t want to see any killing in the struggle, so the people must use the “snow gift of light” and make snowballs and snowmen to restore peace.

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