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Carbine Preps WildStar For F2P

It still feels a little weird writing about WildStar on MMOBomb, but I suppose that will pass soon enough. In the meantime, NCSoft and Carbine Studios have a lot to say about the changes they’ll be making to the game in the August update that will add lots of content and make the game better for players new and old.

Players who are brand new to the planet Nexus will see a new tutorial, based on their experience level with MMOs, while the starting area, the Arkship, will be revamped to better see to their needs. Stats are also being reworked and pared down to four basic stats, while dungeons will “provide a consistent challenge and make completion times more forgiving.”

The new content includes two new areas, the Alpha Sanctum and the Cryo-Plex PvP arena, and there will be a new focus on player communities, which let groups of up to 20 players combine their housing plots — for defensive purposes only, we’re sure.

There’s also a bit to say on the payment model, including news that should be welcome to long-time players:


Crossout is all about vehicular destruction on a massive scale. It’s right there in the game’s tagline, “Craft, ride, destroy.” Gaming Blend sat down with Gaijin Entertainment’s Yulia Shveyko during E3 2015 to discuss each of those three facets of the game, as well as see some of the carnage in action.

If you’re familiar with Gaijin Entertainment, it’s likely because you’ve played their hugely popular free-to-play WWII combat game, War Thunder. They’re also the publisher behind Star Conflict, Birds of Steel and Death Track: Resurrection, just to name a few. With Crossout, the publisher is partnering with developer Targem Games to offer up a new kind of MMO that destruction derby fans will almost certainly get a kick out of.

Before spilling the details on Crossout, Shveyko shared a brief trailer for Crossout boasting PC gameplay in the alpha stages of development. Sporting a Mad Max meets Twisted Metal vibe, loads of vehicles parade around pits filled with trenches, open spaces and rolling hill, all the while ramming and blasting their opponents with all manner of projectiles.

“Crossout is an action-packed MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by alien invasion,” Shveyko explained. “Aside from the battles, another big part of the gameplay is the construction and customization process. We do not have any fixed classes or patterns. Players are free to create any kind of video that they want.” Read More →

Heroes of the Storm is in full swing after Blizzard’s launch and the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. At their recent “The Mayhem Begins” event on YouTube, they revealed the Butcher playable Hero and the Battlefield of Eternity, and they have more goodies coming your way. Heroes of the Storm will be featured in the upcoming PC Gaming Show, powered by PC Gamer, revealing even more epic surprises coming to the Nexus from The Eternal Conflict.

The StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void closed beta kicked off in March and players have been introduced to a whole new way to play in Archon Mode—an exciting new gameplay mode where two players take control of a single army, sharing the responsibility of commanding troops, managing resources, and base building. Blizzard has also unveiled the new Terran unit, the Liberator. However, it’s been a while since they’ve gotten to share anything related to the storyline. . . .


Whether you’re interested in StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, or both, don’t miss a single moment of what’s sure to be a thrilling event. You can tune in to the show, hosted by Sean “Day[9]” Plott, at Twitch.tv/pcgamer on Tuesday, June 16 at 6 p.m. PDT. You won’t want to miss this!

Most free to play games and publishers don’t reveal exact numbers when it comes to things like playerbase, revenue, and even subscribers where applicable. Innogames is taking a bit of a different approach when it comes to revenue and announcing to the world exactly where just about all of their titles stand.


Having initial development costs in the neighborhood of about 1 million Euros (a bit over $1.1 million USD), Forge of Empires has now pulled in over 100 million Euros in revenue over the almost 3 year life of the free to play game. With over 25 million registered accounts, Forge of Empires isn’t likely to slow down now that the iOS and Android versions are hitting their stride.

Armin Busen, Chief Product Officer at InnoGames, attributes the success to “…the combination of high quality content and a well working, sustainable business model. The free-to-play model allows us to reach a large target group of players and earn the revenue over a long period of time. A lot of players enjoy our games for years, which is why long-term motivation is one of the most important goals for all of our games.”

How are other Innogames titles panning out? Released in 2009, Greopolis is set to hit the 100 Million Euro lifetime revenue target itself this fall, and even Tribal Wars has eclipsed the 80 Million Euros mark.

If you want to check out where all the money is coming from, head on over to the official Innogames website.

The soul system in Echo of Soul is used to provide players with large buffs with relatively little effort. When a player kills a monster, they receive one chaos soul. These chaos souls are collected automatically, and they are placed in the player’s Soul Satchel.

Echo of Soul

Within the Soul Satchel, the black orb shows the number of chaos souls that the player currently possesses and the max amount that they can hold. Above that, you will see the four types of purified souls: Hope, Innocence, Courage, and Peace. Players can transform their chaos souls into one of these four purified souls through two methods:

Method One – Solo Purification

Never, ever, ever use this method. Seriously. It’s half as efficient as the second method available to players. However, should you not care, you’re welcome to solo purify your chaos souls. To do this, if you are near a Soul Sanctum (you can usually find one where waypoints are located), click on the soul purification button on the bottom of the Soul Satchel. For every two chaos souls you have, this will give you one random purified soul. Read More →

I wanted to pick this class up. Because I never played all the way through in Tera. This seems like a good time to start. Basically the gunner is very fun. You have a lot of movement control and burst. All of the skills seem like they were thought out. But I am a little weary how this class works with the other classes.

Also remember that right now is double Xp until early June. So why not give this game a try? It’s freetoplay and increased leveling with a new class. Tera’s combat has always been one of the better systems out there.

Other events are going on right now as well. Two events actually lead you to free mounts. You also get a free mount right now for leveling. And you get gear making life easier to help you level faster. I know some people don’t like their hands held. But this time I’m taking that help. Because I want to give the game a valid chance. So give it a whirl if you’re looking for something else to play. Main page link is the first on the top.

Big changes are in the works for Landmark! We recently had a chance to sit with Terry Michaels, Darrin McPherson, and Michele Cagle of Daybreak to review the upcoming changes to the game, as well as participate in an open forum for any questions that might arise from the announcements. Let’s discuss quickly what’s upcoming, so you can get an idea.
Foremost on most people’s minds is the upcoming character and claim wipe. The date is tentatively set for May 4, but may change as the developers need. There are many reasons facilitating this wipe, however, the team ensures it will be the last one required. So while your current Landmark characters will be removed, it’s an excellent chance to start anew and take a look at the changes that will be implemented.

One of the changes Daybreak is making is a complete revamp of the new player experience. They want to make it much more approachable, letting people new to Landmark ease into the game. Achievements have been completely revamped to facilitate the change, becoming clearer and easier to follow. The Daybreak crew wants players of any skill level to enjoy the game, not just the die hard.

In addition to the new player experience, ongoing combat changes are being made to make fighting much more fluid and natural. Crafting is being simplified to make it easier to find and create recipes. Material requirements for building have been changed, reduced, or reworked completely to allow players much more freedom in their imaginations. Brand new islands, biomes, props, and a new race of large humans are all being introduced as well. Read More →

Welcome to the world of Aura Kingdom Online. Published by Aeria Games this anime inspired mmorpg blends a fantasy world with anime graphics and does it very well. With a very fluid combat system, a diverse skill tree and a different take on the pet system, Aura Kingdom should satisify players who have been craving that anime type mmorpg.
Your journey in Aura Kingdom starts off as you are thrust into what seems to be a battle between humans and demons. Your first task is to defeat the boss that threatens the lives of those around you. It’s fairly easy to do so since your level is much higher than a beginner and the main character’s equipment is much better then what you would usually start off with.

After defeating the demon you wake up in the starting town feeling a bit dizzy. Was it a dream..or reality? Only time will tell as you progress through the storyline.

Character Creation
I was very surprised with not only the options in character creation but, most importantly, the amount of classes Aura Kingdom has. There’s a total of eight classes and a ninth class that has yet to be released. These classes include Guardian, Duelist, Ravagar, Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard, Grenadier and Gunslinger. After selecting your class, I choose a Duelist, you can then customize the style of your character. Aura Kingdom provides you with a bit more options then usual to help distinguish yourself from other players. While creating your character you have ten different hair options and nine different face options. I was a little surprised that we didn’t have the option to make our character taller, shorter and skinny or large as well but, to me, it’s not a huge flaw as usually there’s reasoning behind it. After picking your hair color and eye color you are then taken to the Eidolon selection screen. I’ll talk about this in greater detail later in the article. Read More →

Don’t mistake me: I love campaigns. In fact, I tend to completely ignore online multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

But at some point, we should probably acknowledge the reality of the situation: If the biggest shooter franchises in the world completely ditched the campaign, would anyone really care? Would anyone even notice?

Let’s face it, nobody is lining up for a midnight launch for a new Call of Duty or Battlefield or whatever so they can rush home and play the single-player quest. That just doesn’t happen. Most people I know don’t ever touch the campaign; the bigger shooter fan they are, the less they’re interested in solo play. Developers are putting a ton of money and resources into creating these campaigns and honestly, nobody even appreciates it. Read More →