The Soul system within Echo of Soul is one of the central parts of how the game functions, but it often leads to confusion about how it works (the in-game guide isn’t too clear on everything). So let’s explore what the souls are, what to do with them, and how they are integrated with the rest of the game.

Echo of Soul

What Are Souls?

Souls essentially have two roles in EoS: they are used as a material (for Soul Experts) and as a form of self-buffing. For the former, they help craft various gems, and for the latter there are four different buffs, depending on the soul type: Read More →

Hey everyone this is my review of Echo of Soul,

There isn’t really much to say because… there really isn’t much to go over in the game after 29 levels of it. I was going to stop at 30 and give an evaluation but I just couldn’t make it there for honest and obvious reasons. The story itself is forgettable but the intro cutscene is really nice. That’s… one of the few things that’s great about it. In fact I’ll go over what’s good about it first since that’ll be quick.

The Good
The world is nice and large, it’s huge. You can see many vast different environments, outposts, towns, caves, dungeons, tunnels and what have you. So you’ll have a big place to explore like a giant playground. Read More →