EverQuest II

Ten years ago today, Sony Online Entertainment released the follow-up to the game that put massively-multiplayer online role-playing games on the map. Two week’s later Blizzard came along and set the map on fire, but some of us will never forget EverQuest II.

November 2004 was a magical month for MMO fans. Up until that month, EverQuest was synonymous with the genre, held up as an example of the appeal of playing online together as well as the possible negative side effects of immersing one’s self in online fantasy worlds.

EverQuest II took the series’ setting of Norrath five hundred years into the future, a cool time-jump that gave players of the first game a chance to rediscover the locations they’d spent five years inhabiting. Each new expansion pack uncovered a little more of the old world, often transformed in amazing ways. Read More →