Since Warcraft first stepped foot on the Draenor of the past, they’ve been inexorably drawn toward one intriguing tale among a multitude of storylines taking place there. In patch 6.1, the quest line that began with ‘Call of the Archmage’ will continue, and the stakes have never been higher. What follows is just a glimpse of some of the additional new items and updates within the patch.

Garona Halforcen

Some may know Garona from her exploits in Azeroth. This powerful rogue assassin was responsible for the death of King Llane Wrynn. Along with her son Med’an, she aided the New Council of Tirisfal in their brutal struggle against the Twilight’s Hammer and the evil ogre magi Cho’gall.

The escapades of Garona of Draenor have proven no less signficant. Not long after you first arrived in this savage land, Garona attempted to assassinate Khadgar, but you captured her.

Since then, Khadgar has tried to break the mind control that Garona clearly suffers from. His efforts, and yours, have been in vain … until now. In patch 6.1, you’ll receive a new quest to infiltrate a Shadow Council stronghold and steal an artifact. Khadgar hopes to be able to free Garona’s mind.

Your First Legendary Follower

In the savage world of Draenor, you may not have any true friends, but you can forge partnerships with a meaningful purpose. Thanks to Garona, you’ll learn what Gul’dan is up to, and you’ll get the opportunity to witness firsthand as he attempts to take control of the Iron Horde and capture Grommash Hellscream.


Thereafter, you’ll obtain your first Legendary follower. Garona comes to you with three abilities befitting an Assassination Rogue, as well as the Master Assassin trait, which greatly increases the chance of success on any mission she is assigned to. Furthermore, she starts at a follower item level of 630.

More to Do

In patch 6.1, you’ll now see new visitors to your Garrison: quest-givers offering you a variety of activities if you’ve reached Garrison Tier 3. These include:

Bounty Quests – Group up with two or more additional players to hunt down and defeat a powerful enemy and you’ll earn gold and a chance to get an heirloom quest item off of the creature you kill for the quest.
Profession daily – Get your hands on more Primal Spirits, reduce your surplus reagents, and buy the new recipes for crafted upgrades and transmutes. Read More →

The upcoming World of Warcraft 6.1 patch will make life a little easier for colorblind gamers through the addition of three colorblind filters—protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia—and a “UI Colorblind mode” that adds relevant words and phrases to tooltips.

“For example, when you move your mouse cursor over a piece of rare gear and then a piece of epic gear, the game colors the names of the items blue and then purple, respectively,” Blizzard wrote in today’s announcement. “With ‘UI Colorblind Mode’ enabled, the game will add the words ‘Rare’ and ‘Epic’ to the tooltips for those items. For players who find it difficult to discern between friendly, neutral, or hostile targets, additional indication text in the tooltip will now appear when you move your mouse cursor over other characters.”

Blizzard said the filters will assist players with one of the three types of dichromacy, and “should be useful” to those with anomalous trichromacy.
Videogames commonly make use of colored text to indicate an item’s particular properties or importance, which is fine as long as you can see those colors. But if you can’t, it’s a real problem, and so it’s good to see Blizzard doing something about it. The World of Warcraft 6.1 patch is currently being put through its paces on the Public Test Realm.

Decisions with consequences plays a bigg role in MMORPG games. The successful experiences are totally different in single player games.In the third part of my series “What innovations would you like to see in MMORPGs?”, we will check how the Decisions can influence the game world and what kind of achievement need the players.

Decisions with influence on the game world are difficult to implement in an MMORPG. There are several reasons. On the one hand we want all players to have the same experience. If a player and the village has been saved from the evil dragon, other would like to do the same. So the dragon can not stay dead and the village will be attacked again and again. Also characters can not be killed by acts and decisions of the hero, as these figures are from other players still needed. However, this leaves an aftertaste that one’s actions have no effect on the history and the world. Read More →

Eager to take center stage with your minions as a chequered trickster? What about partying with friends in the latest and greatest comfy pajamas? Whether you long to roam the Battlegrounds of the Nexus in search of revenge against the zerg or prefer the skittering of happy little insect feet, we’ve been concocting some new additions to Heroes of the Storm that are sure to delight and entertain.


They have a number of exciting new skins in development, and today we’re offering you a sneak peek at Harlequin Nazeebo and his minions, two skins for the Lost Vikings, and more! While these skins are not yet available in HotS in-game shop, they’ll be arriving soon. In the meantime, you can jump in and take a closer look at these skins and some of their tints in the turn-around video below: Read More →

League of Legends‘ favourite silent support champion is being given an Ultimate Skin. DJ Sona will feature a wide array of new particles, textures and sounds for both Sona players and the rest of her team. Whenever Sona uses an ability, she changes the music track, allowing other players to listen on her DJ-style music by clicking a button next to her summoner icon. This newest Ultimate skin blows past skins like Pulsefire Ezreal out of the water, because not only does it feature unique sound effects, graphics, animations and an entirely new design, it allows other players to appreciate it as well.

Not to mention, her new dance:

Scheduled to launch today, February 2, ZMR’s space-themed “Into the Void” update will introduce a brand new co-op campaign spanning three maps, as well as two new PvP maps, 11 new weapons, and 14 new cosmetic items.


Love will also be in the air in this oxygen-free update with a wide variety of Valentine’s Day themed items and events. Players will receive a temporary special “Deadly Valentine” sniper rifle for completing the first mission in the new three-mission space campaign. After receiving their Deadly Valentine, players will be tasked with earning seven kills in PvP with the weapon. Those who successfully achieve seven PvP kills will be automatically entered into a drawing for a special Valentine’s reward pack. Read More →

Shockingly, proper hit detection is very important in an FPS. Reto-Moto’s taking that to heart with the newest update for Heroes & Generals, which completely rewrites the hit-detection code, changing it from client-side to server-side, in the attempt to make things fairer for all players. According to Game Director Jacob Anderson:

“Improved hit detection has been on the top of our community’s wish-list, so we have been working on a complete re-factoring of this for quite a while. We now believe that we have a fast, reliable, fair and cutting edge server-side hit detection system that supports Heroes & Generals in standing out as a truly unique wargame for gamers who want a deeper shooter-experience than simply playing one purpose-less match after the other in a standard map-rotation setup.”

The new Spaatz Addon #2 also adds the option to choose toggle instead of holding the button down for many of the game’s actions, as well as Staged Battles, which let you play against soldiers of your own faction, independent of the greater war.

Many of you guys keep concerning about the new MMORPG Crowfall once it came out. And today its official site has released a update preview to satisfy your curiosity.

First of all they’ve dropped some details about Crowfall next archetype: the Stoneborn Forgemaster!


In addition to a concept and game screenshot, the sample narrative was written to give a glimpse into the history of the Crowfall universe — and the few hints about the Gods, and their role in the lives of mortals (and immortals).

One cautionary note:
Keep in mind, it is notoriously difficult to discern the motivation of the Gods. One culture’s hero is another culture’s villain. The Stoneborn Dwarves have a very specific take on history. Other cultures will have very different views on the very same legends and myths.

To borrow an allegory: they may all be living in the same cave, but they see very different shadows on the wall.

And secondly, Crowfall has updated the FAQ and broken it into a few distinct areas that they will expand on over time.

In addition to talking about resources and materials (the fuel that drives both the economy game, and the strategy game), Crowfall is also providing a few sample illustrations of how its Worlds will be laid out, in regards to Points of Interest (like quarries, mills and mines). Read More →