Even the staunchest Arsenal fan would have to admit that watching new Chelsea signing Diego Costa score a goal in the slick surroundings of the PlayStation 4 is a thing of beauty. If that’s going too far, they’d at least be happy to say that Danny Welbeck in full flight is just as wonderful to watch.

Fifa 15’s predecessor, Fifa 14, was a launch title for next-gen consoles but given another year the most recent title of EA Sport’s long-running football game looks fantastic with gameplay that matches.

Looks can be deceiving. Every year Fifa undergoes small improvements – updated stadiums, player statistics and latest uniforms – but nothing substantial enough to really differentiate from the previous edition. There have been some calls that this edition should be called Fifa 14.5, but that is slightly unfair.

Yes, a lot of Fifa 15 is familiar in terms of visuals and game modes, but with improved animations, especially around the goalkeeper, it’s a much more polished title. And because of that it’s easily the best ever version of Fifa. Read More →