Becoming A Hero from the SWTOR Universe

The principal trait that SWTOR gameplay provides above different MMORPGs is truly a potent sequence of quests. every solo character is supplied their confidential just one of the sort choice of grand quests. if you progress by method of the kind of missions, your current persona opens completely new talents and gets a complete great offer much more powerful. they are strings of quests that include engaging within of an enormous premise and give the persona a target inside the Star Wars: The aged Republic world. This may possibly be completely different from practically just about every other on the internet movement image games that will provide you several adventures to kill 10 criminals or collect 10 artifacts. several avid gamers have believed SWTOR will turn in to a single-player adventure enjoyed inside the internet. this could be untrue. as well as your current school adventures, there is certainly a additional collection of celebration quests that you’ll wish for getting in a placement to finish in equally tiny and large teams, centered in your inclination. I think this truly may possibly be considered a amazing purpose as I truly don’t get satisfaction from repeating uninteresting, pointless missions repeatedly. You’ll locate 8 standard SWTOR courses and additional superior classes. Read More →


Recently you guys might be attracted by Blizzard’s new game Overwatch, and WoW fans also have seen the Warcraft movie revealed at BlizzCon. But there’s another movie of WoW at Blizz Con last week, Blizzard premiered a special World of Warcraft documentary at the convention called Looking for Group, and you can watch the flick in its entirety right now.

Looking for Group examines the phenomenon of the MMO’s creation and operation over the past 10-plus years. According to the studio, the documetary will allow you to “explore the history of WoW with its creators, and journey into corners of Blizzard and the WoW community you’ve never seen before.”

Grab your Michael Jackson comment popcorn and watch it after the break!

EverQuest II

Ten years ago today, Sony Online Entertainment released the follow-up to the game that put massively-multiplayer online role-playing games on the map. Two week’s later Blizzard came along and set the map on fire, but some of us will never forget EverQuest II.

November 2004 was a magical month for MMO fans. Up until that month, EverQuest was synonymous with the genre, held up as an example of the appeal of playing online together as well as the possible negative side effects of immersing one’s self in online fantasy worlds.

EverQuest II took the series’ setting of Norrath five hundred years into the future, a cool time-jump that gave players of the first game a chance to rediscover the locations they’d spent five years inhabiting. Each new expansion pack uncovered a little more of the old world, often transformed in amazing ways. Read More →


La version nord-américaine d’Aion évolue en version 4.7. Outre de nouvelles zones et instances, le MMORPG se dote d’un champ de bataille PvPvE et interserveurs pouvant accueillir une centaine de joueurs.

Si la version originale d’Aion fête actuellement ses six ans d’exploitation en Corée du Sud, le MMORPG de NCsoft en profite pour évoluer en version 4.7 outre-Atlantique (on en trouve la note de patch détaillée par ici). Et comme de coutume, la mise à jour apporte son lot de nouveautés. En vrac, cette version 4.7 d’Aion baptisée « Invasion » ouvre les portes de deux nouvelles zones (la région ravagée de Kaldor et la luxuriante Levinshor) intégrant notamment deux instances inédites : Linkgate Foundry qui s’adresse à des joueurs solos de haut niveau et Idgel Dome, une instance PvPvE pour deux équipes de six joueurs.

Mais c’est surtout la contrée de Panesterra qui retient l’attention dans cette version 4.7 d’Aion, dans la mesure où elle sert de cadre à de novueaux affrontements PvPvE interserveurs. La zone était initialement le « domaine des anciens Danuar », disparue dans une faille dimensionnelle suite au cataclysme ayant ravagé la nouvelle zone de Kaldor. Les tentatives des Danuars pour retrouver leur terre échouèrent néanmoins et Panesterra se disloqua… jusqu’à ce que Beritra tente d’envahir la région pour exploiter ses secrets.

Dans ce contexte, Panesterra devient un vaste champ de bataille PvPvE pouvant accueillir une centaine de joueurs, issus de serveurs différents — les deux factions de joueurs d’Aion s’affrontent donc, mais dans le cadre de combats pimentés par les forces de Beritra, et tous tentent de conquérir la zone. Ce système PvPvE interserveurs est encore officiellement en bêta-test ouvert, mais le premier siège de Panesterra outre-Atlantique est planifié le 9 novembre prochain. Avis aux joueurs de la version nord-américaine d’Aion.

À ce stade, on ignore encore quand cette mise à jour 4.7 sera déployée en Europe (le jeu passait en version 4.62 fin septembre dernier). On imagine que Panesterra ouvrira ses portes en Europe dans quelques mois.

SWTOR Commando

Do you play a Commando or a Mercenary in Star Wars: The Old Republic? If so, you’ll want to read BioWare’s latest dev diary because it explains the discipline changes scheduled to hit your advanced class with the game’s 3.0 update.

There’s a lot to digest, including the fact that the game’s new discipline system will allow players to select utility skills that were previously tied to a particular skill tree under the old system.

Even the staunchest Arsenal fan would have to admit that watching new Chelsea signing Diego Costa score a goal in the slick surroundings of the PlayStation 4 is a thing of beauty. If that’s going too far, they’d at least be happy to say that Danny Welbeck in full flight is just as wonderful to watch.

Fifa 15’s predecessor, Fifa 14, was a launch title for next-gen consoles but given another year the most recent title of EA Sport’s long-running football game looks fantastic with gameplay that matches.

Looks can be deceiving. Every year Fifa undergoes small improvements – updated stadiums, player statistics and latest uniforms – but nothing substantial enough to really differentiate from the previous edition. There have been some calls that this edition should be called Fifa 14.5, but that is slightly unfair.

Yes, a lot of Fifa 15 is familiar in terms of visuals and game modes, but with improved animations, especially around the goalkeeper, it’s a much more polished title. And because of that it’s easily the best ever version of Fifa. Read More →

Oct. 19, 40,000 fans poured into a soccer stadium in Seoul, South Korea, to smack thundersticks and roar with glee at the fourth annual League of Legends World Championship. Millions more followed along on TV or via online streams—Riot Games, the American company that makes League of Legends, has yet to release this year’s viewership numbers, but last year’s championship attracted a worldwide audience of 32 million. By the end of the evening, a team of five young Korean dudes sponsored by Samsung had taken the “Summoner’s Cup” and the $1 million top prize.

All of which left me with two questions: 1) Is rooting for Samsung akin to rooting for U.S. Steel? 2) Why, exactly, is this video game—and competitive gaming more broadly, known by its practitioners as “e-sports”—so wildly popular?

League of Legends boasts 67 million active monthly players. Broadcasts of its professional title matches draw more global eyeballs than an NBA Finals game. While this year’s event was held in South Korea, and South Koreans make up a healthy chunk of the game’s fan base, a sellout crowd also watched last year’s championship at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. And yet, I could only find one Slate employee who’d ever played LoL before last week. Many among us had no idea what League of Legends even was, beyond a vague sense that it must be some sort of fantasy dealie.

To find out what we were all missing, I downloaded the game and started playing it obsessively. I logged on for match after match, day and night, until my fingers cramped and my eyeballs ached. I assaulted turrets. I was repeatedly “ganked” by “junglers.” I got called a noob more times than I care to remember. And I stand before you today as … a distinctly awful League of Legends player. But I have come to understand the game’s appeal. I now believe that e-sports will dominate our recreational future.

First, a primer. League of Legends is a computer game you can play on a PC or Mac using a mouse and keyboard. The standard game features two teams of five players each. Those teams clash on a square battlefield, starting from opposite corners. Each five-player unit defends its home base and attempts to destroy its enemy’s—kind of like capture the flag. There are three wide-open “lanes” that players can use to traverse the game board between the bases, and which serve as frequent venues for head-on fights. In between them lies a knottier “jungle” that players can roam through guerrilla-style. There are strange monsters and medieval fantasy weapons and magic armor. That kind of scene.

The first time I played, I faced an immediate dilemma: Which character should I be? There are currently 121 “champions” listed on the game’s information page. Each possesses different skills and vulnerabilities. Some are “tanks” that can sustain a lot of damage. “Marksmen” dish out death from afar but are fragile under fire. Which champion best suited my LoL personality?

Teemo Read More →

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that there will be no major news regarding the Diablo franchise at its annual convention, ‘Blizzcon,’ being held next week. This rules out the possibility of a second expansion reveal for Diablo III at the event, following the release of their first expansion, Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls, earlier this year. The line up for Blizzcon includes several panels described by the developer as “can’t miss” in an official press release, but only the Warcraft and Starcraft franchises are featured among those panels. Diablo III will also utilize a smaller play area at the event compared to its sister franchises, providing further evidence that the game is being de-emphasized for the time being. Although these hints alone would be enough to curb one’s expectations regarding any major announcements, official confirmation also came via the Diablo fansite at IncGamers that there would be no word of any future titles in the series.

No Diablo 3 Expansions To Be Revealed At Blizzcon 2014

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gameplay tweaks

Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past goes live today,It’s release day for Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past update. The patch picks up “from a cliff-hanger ending that had the world of Tyria fighting the rise of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth,” says ArenaNet.

If the living world isn’t your cup of tea, take heart because the update also features gameplay tweaks including the new Silverwastes locale. ANet says that “mysterious ruins in the area will provide key battleground locations in the ongoing war against Mordremoth’s expanding armies. Players will fight to hold strategic locations, call in pact allies for aid and take a stand against the growing threat.” The update also boasts new Bandit Crests, which can be vendored in exchange for recipes, materials, and armor pieces.

Massively’s Anatoli Ingram spoke to ArenaNet last month about the lore unfolding in these next chapters. Enjoy the new screenshots in the gallery below.

Wildstar Developer Carbine Studios Receiving Bad Glassdoor Reviews, Allegations Management Don’t Know What They’re Doing

Recently, Carbine Studios lost 60 employees, as part of restructuring by the developer’s owner, NCSoft. In a few days’ time, reviews for the studio have started piling on Glassdoor, presumably including some of those 60 who lost their jobs, and things are not looking good for Carbine.

The reviews generally tell the same story; Carbine has good IP, talented developers, and even a good company culture going for it. However, management has undermined their worker’s best efforts, by paying low wages, pointing fingers at devs when things turn bad, and a general lack of transparency. Read More →