Happy Tenth Anniversary, EverQuest II

EverQuest II

Ten years ago today, Sony Online Entertainment released the follow-up to the game that put massively-multiplayer online role-playing games on the map. Two week’s later Blizzard came along and set the map on fire, but some of us will never forget EverQuest II. November 2004 was a magical month for…

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Invasion PvPvE au coeur d’Aion 4.7 outre-Atlantique


La version nord-américaine d’Aion évolue en version 4.7. Outre de nouvelles zones et instances, le MMORPG se dote d’un champ de bataille PvPvE et interserveurs pouvant accueillir une centaine de joueurs. Si la version originale d’Aion fête actuellement ses six ans d’exploitation en Corée du Sud, le MMORPG de NCsoft…

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SWTOR’s Commando, Mercenary 3.0 discipline changes detailed

SWTOR Commando

Do you play a Commando or a Mercenary in Star Wars: The Old Republic? If so, you’ll want to read BioWare’s latest dev diary because it explains the discipline changes scheduled to hit your advanced class with the game’s 3.0 update. There’s a lot to digest, including the fact that…

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Game reviews: Fifa 15, Madden NFL 15

fifa 15

Even the staunchest Arsenal fan would have to admit that watching new Chelsea signing Diego Costa score a goal in the slick surroundings of the PlayStation 4 is a thing of beauty. If that’s going too far, they’d at least be happy to say that Danny Welbeck in full flight…

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League of Legends Shooting Blow Darts at Rocks

Oct. 19, 40,000 fans poured into a soccer stadium in Seoul, South Korea, to smack thundersticks and roar with glee at the fourth annual League of Legends World Championship. Millions more followed along on TV or via online streams—Riot Games, the American company that makes League of Legends, has yet…

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No Diablo 3 Expansions To Be Revealed At Blizzcon 2014

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that there will be no major news regarding the Diablo franchise at its annual convention, ‘Blizzcon,’ being held next week. This rules out the possibility of a second expansion reveal for Diablo III at the event, following the release of their first expansion, Diablo III: Reaper…

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It’s release day for Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past update

gameplay tweaks

Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past goes live today,It’s release day for Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past update. The patch picks up “from a cliff-hanger ending that had the world of Tyria fighting the rise of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth,” says ArenaNet. If the living world isn’t…

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Wildstar’s promise may be getting held back by inept management

Wildstar Developer Carbine Studios Receiving Bad Glassdoor Reviews, Allegations Management Don’t Know What They’re Doing Recently, Carbine Studios lost 60 employees, as part of restructuring by the developer’s owner, NCSoft. In a few days’ time, reviews for the studio have started piling on Glassdoor, presumably including some of those 60…

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Lost Continent: This is how you go off the rails in ArcheAge

Are you an ArcheAge tire-kicker who’s wondering how to go “off the rails” and trade the game’s questpark level grind for some of that downhome sandbox flavor? I’m here to tell you that it’s as easy as deciding that you really want to do it. There’s no magic button or…

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FIFA 15 Player Ratings – FIFA 15 Career Mode – Top Potential & Hidden Gems

FIFA 15 launches on September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe, and September 26 in the UK. Leading to its release, we will be revealing a number of lists pertaining to the best players in the game. From the 50 best players to top future prospects, every FIFA…

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