Recommended Free-to-Play PC/Mobile MMOs for January 2017

ARK Survival Evolved Online (CN)



For some of you ARK Surivvial Evolved is already an old survival MMORPG, but there are still players that didn’t get to try it. When you go to their steam page, you see a ton of mixed reviews that can be put together like this:
Good Reviews: the game is great, a lot of freedom, different biomes, a true survival MMO;
Bad Reviews: server problems, allowing free transfer for tribes from other servers, developers focusing on releasing the console version, ignoring their pc player-base, paid DLCs on an early access game.
As you can see, 90% of the bad reviews have something against Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games, so we can assume that if Snail Games decides to bring the new licensed free to play Ark Survival Evolved Online to the Western Market, a ton of players will flood their servers.

There are a few differences between the two versions and I think there will be a lot more on the future, but for the moment we know that the f2p version will have a vanity costume shop, detailed tutorials, private chatting, mailbox features, a slightly easier progression and an enhanced graphic system.

The Chinese Open Beta has three different type of servers (civilized, war and savaged servers) each with its own rules. If you can pass the language barrier and want to try this new f2p version of Ark, we already have a registration & download guide for you.

World of Warcraft New Vanilla Server – Elysium Project
Fresh-start server

Even if this is a private server, for me it’s a rebirth of social aspects inside an MMORPG. I’m so excited about this project, but let’s start from the beginning.

World of Warcraft Elysium is the new vanilla server that will be launched on January 7, 2017 at 18:00 GMT+1 (as the time I am writing this article there are still a few hours left). After the old Nostalrius servers were shutdown by Blizzard, with just a cease and desist order, and a long waiting time for a Blizzard announcement regarding the Legacy Servers, the core and the old Nostalrius database were handled to Elysium. This move assured the rebirth of Nost realms (as both the old PvP and PvE servers are up and running) and the birth of a new PvP server called Elysium.

You may be wondering what makes it special, right? Each player that decided to roll a new character on this server has its own reasons ranging from the love of core aspects that made World of Warcraft the top MMORPG for so many years, to settling down and finding a new place to call home.

For me it’s all about the community and the journey. Other MMOs and the retail Legion WoW servers have lost the social aspect a long time ago. Trying to please everybody, easing every aspect of hardcore gameplay have killed the social interaction. I can hardly wait just to log in with thousands of other players (Elysium new server is expected to have around 15k-20k players) create a party, and chatting about anything while struggling to find a mob to kill. There is no phasing system, no easy way to skip the content so we should work together to achieve our goals.

There are players that hate fighting over a low amounts of mobs due to the large number of players around them, but if I only wanted to kill something I would install a singleplayer RPG. There is a history to be written, stories and special moments that will remain fresh in our memories for many years and I want to be a part of them.

PvP with the opposing faction, those massive open world fights are coming also, and to be honest I would join any game that can bring back those old times that made the genre great.

If you want to learn more about Elysium check the official site and if you join the game, hit me up on Apophis. For the Horde – Lok’tar Ogar.

Ragnarok Mobile (CN)
Open beta

Ragnarok is one of the most known MMORPG, and there are still many fans out there waiting for a new version. Even if they hoped for a PC title, a mobile version of RO should not go under the radar.

The new developers are trying to remain faithful to the original version, but they also stated that the gameplay is somehow outdated, plus they need to adapt it to fit the mobile scene. In Ragnarok Mobile players will have a lot of quests and storylines missions, but if they prefer a grinding approach they can skip those and start killing mobs, without missing important gameplay aspects. The PvP modes are not availabe yet, but those will come at a later date in the new timeline, same as it was back in the old days.

The core gameplay will be a mix of autofight and skill decisions, although the developers are trying to create a challenging experience that will get you kill if you only set the game on “auto pilot”. Also, if you die in Ragnarok Online you will loose XP. Another important factor will be the teamwork, so even if in previous tests there were some classes that could solo almost every map (like the assassin), developers are doing their best to fix this ballance issues.

Ragnarok Mobile will be officialy release for both Android and iOS on March 1st, but until then a beta test is scheduled for January 19th. If you want to learn more about RO check our In-Depth Review: Ragnarok Online Mobile Kicks off Autumn Test and keep an eye for new guides (you should also watch the forums).

Torchlight Mobile
Open beta

Torchlight Mobile is not a port for the PC version, the new game developed by Runic Games, Perfect World (CN) and Fedeen Games (they will be responsible for the Western release) was coded from scratch for both Android and iOS devices.

The mobile version remained faithful to the original game and implemented or adapted almost every feature loved by Torchlight fans such as large dungeons, random loot drops (the rarest weapons will come with a powerful active skill – like a character ultimate ability), a large variety of enemies and the fan’s favorite pet system. The combat system is fluid and players will have the option to create different combos by combining 6 character based skills into 36 different variations.

Perfect World decided to go even further with Torchlight Mobile and added PvP elements such as 1 vs 1 duel Arena and some kind of “moba minigame”. We don’t have any details about the future cash shop / payment system, but we know that there won’t be any stamina system so that’s a big start.

The CN Open Beta will start on January 12 so if you want to try the game before it will be released worldwide you should definitely try it now.

Lineage 2 Revolution – A Must Play! An In-Depth Review

Hey Guys! On December 14th 2016, Netmarble decided to present all of us passionate gamers with an early Christmas gift! That’s right, Lineage II: Revolution was officially launched for Android and iOS. The game, once unwrapped and installed instantly takes the player into a magical land where he can immerse himself in hours of gameplay.

The game easily sets the standard of quality with respect to cutting edge graphics similar to the PC version of the game. And the reason behind this mind blowing graphics? Unreal Engine 4. It provides a massive boost to the game with respect to the quality visuals and detailed actions.


Lineage 2 revolution is set up in the same open world that had been featured in Lineage 2 (PC version). Considered as a spin-off of the original version, the game has a lot of common factors with the PC version. In addition to the game being set up in the same open world, it also features some of the playable classes in the game. The game was officially launched on the Google Play Store and Apple Store after having been licensed by NCSoft. For those of you haven’t watched the trailer, here is a quick peek!


The immersive gameplay and the attention to detail given in the game is sure to make this game one of the best MMORPG’s released this year. It can easily rival all the other games in terms of the soundtrack, high definition graphics, characters and of course the storyline. The opening introduction to the game is so astonishingly good that it will immediately grab the attention of the players and pulls them almost instantly into the mystical world. This opening video will be played every time the game begins irrespective of the number of times you have played it. I believe the primary purpose of this introductory video is twofold; one, it sets the whole game into a kick-started action by providing a quick peek into the storyline and revolves around this. The second- well, the second purpose is simply to amaze the players with the stunning plot and well worked gameplay. Here’s a quick look at the opening scene.


As I had mentioned earlier, Lineage 2 Revolution offers the players a set of classes which were made available in the PC version. One of the most interesting facts about the characters is the level of customization that is possible. Also, the game provides the players with one thing that the PC version didn’t; it allows the players to use any of the four playable and they need not play the entire game with a single character. This gives the players an opportunity to play with those characters that they seem fit at any point during the game.

The characters are loads of fun to play with. Each character comes with a different set of attacking skills and moves. One of the standout features of the game is that the characters can be heavily customized. This includes an option to change their armour, an option to pick a specific attacking move and the players are even given the liberty of changing their hairstyles and gestures. This itself brings the element of fun into the game. The gameplay below clearly shows the various characters which are made available to the players and the different customizations that can be done.


Lineage 2 Revolution begins with a quick guide so that the players get used to the controls. Clear indicators are given to tell the player what to do next and how to go about it. It even assists the player in customizing their weapons, adding more to the inventory and using other skill sets. The game features the standard controls with a floatable movement controller on the left side of the screen while the combination keys and strike keys are placed on the right side.

The game also has the auto play feature. If one wants all he has to do is click the option and sit back and enjoy. The character that you have chosen will do everything for you including fighting with various combination attacks. This feature can come in handy if one finds it too difficult to get past a certain level. However, in order to experience the true potential of the game and enjoy it to the fullest it is best if the player handles the game personally. This feature can easily be turned off without the game being interrupted.


Perhaps one of the reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution stands out from the other MMORG games is because of the smooth and flawless manner in which you can play the game. The essence of the game lies in this very aspect. The game focuses on an intense action based play which will keep the players involved at all times. As stated earlier, the characters are customizable at the beginning of the game, these include armour and style of attack also. However, these features are not made immediately available to the player.

The game begins with the player having the basics; this means that the armour etc. that had been selected at the beginning will not be readily given but it rather has to be earned. How is this done? As one progress through the game, there will be several tasks which the players are asked to do. Once these tasks are completed they will be rewarded with experienced points and gold. The players can then use these the armour etc. Experience points are also important in terms of learning new attack moves and skills.

As it has been popularly established through the lineage franchise, there are lots of monsters spread throughout the game, this ranges from simple bears and wolves to fire breathing dragons which will require quite some experience to beat. Battles can be waged even against other classes as once progress through the game.

The controls are also quite easy to understand and can be used very effectively. The detail given to the graphics is just phenomenal. Sharp high quality images even shows the blood while the player is in a combat, the game features a colourful and stunning image with vibrant colours even while the players are battling, This is just one of the many reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution is a game that shouldn’t be missed.


The multiplayer aspect of Lineage 2 Revolution is perhaps one of the most important reasons as to why the game is so amazing and fun to play with. The game allows the simultaneous connection of players from across the world allowing the game to be played in real time. The social component of the game is yet another stand out feature. It allows the players to create or join a guild in order to complete quests or raids. Even while playing on a quest by yourself you can easily combine with another player on the same quest. This combing attack strategy can be made to one’s benefit while fighting against powerful enemies. Some of the quests requires that you either team up with another player or join a guild or clan.


Lineage 2 Revolution boasts of high graphics and stunning gameplay. This means that the platform on which it works must be best suited to play such a big game with such high standards.

Android: 4.4 and Upwards
iOS: 6.0 and above
Internal Memory: 1.1 GB
Processor: Quadcore 1.6 Ghz

Considering the awesome quality of the gameplay that is provided, the specifications are reasonable. The installation of the huge data files will begin only after the game has been installed from google play store. This means that around 1 GB of the data is downloaded once the game has been installed. The average time required to install all the files for playing the game and for initializing the game is about 7-8 minutes. Quick updates are usually done automatically at the start of the game, the installation of these files will take about a minute. The average opening time of the game (without any updates being installed) is 10-15 seconds.

Ashes of Creation to Change Theme Park and Sandbox MMO Gameplay with Node System

Ashes of Creation to Change Theme Park and Sandbox MMO Gameplay with Node System

Intrepid Studios’ upcoming Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Ashes of Creation wants to bring a change to the root of theme park and sandbox MMOs, with what they call the Nodes. The developer believes that in terms of gameplay, current themepark MMOs are at its core all about repetition, while sandbox MMOs always end up a vast but dead world with no human touch.

Nodes are their solution to the problems the current MMORPG genre has. So what are Nodes? According to the developer:

Players in Ashes of Creation will find themselves thrust into the forefront of an inhospitable world filled with bountiful undiscovered treasure and ancient evils lurking just over the horizon. The very first pioneers into Ashes of Creation will find the wilderness a bleak reality, but even the harshest environments can be tamed. This is where Nodes come into play. Encompassing the entirety of our world’s playable areas are carefully placed points of possible development, which we call Nodes. These Nodes in their undeveloped form will not be visible to the players at first. However, as our intrepid players venture out into the wilderness with a variety of quests and tasks from their starting zones, these nodes will begin to absorb the activity in its radius zone of influence. In practice this will look like a band of friends completing quests or fighting monsters for sweet loot, searching for treasures, or delving into a dungeon… progressing their characters as all MMO players are familiar with, but critically they will also be progressing the world around them.

The Node system is the backbone of many of the game’s systems. A Node tracks all player activity within the particular area this Node covers. As a Node develops and progresses, it generates contents, and there are 6 stages of Node development: Expedition, Encampment, Village, Town, City, and Metropolis. From a few hours to a few weeks, each stage will last a certain amount of time, but the more advanced stage the Node is in, the longer time it takes to develop to the next stage. “At every stage, the game radically changes for that region. Allowing paths to be taken by the players that dictate the world’s development around them,” says the developer.

Do you think this system will make the game world a truly living one?

Dark and Light Reveals Massive Map

Dark and Light’s world is vast and teeming with magic, and players are encouraged to roam the map and uncover as many secrets as possible. Today players can get a first look at the official map and get a better understanding of the location of faction cities, mountains, forests, and more.

Dark and Light is spread across a giant world. Players are initially spawned in one of three cities, but will be able to get lost far beyond the city walls.

The human city of Vardo is located in the west, while the elf city of Estel is located in the south. Zaharul, the underground dwarf enclave, is in the north. If a character falls victim to the elements or any of Dark and Light’s myriad dangers lurking in the wilderness, they will respawn in one of the faction-controlled cities.

The cities are separated by vast and unique terrains. To get from one city to another, players will have to traverse magic forests, climb steep snow-capped mountains, journey through active volcanic sites, and more.

Aside from the previously introduced biomes that cover the Dark and Light map, players will also be able to explore dark and ominous caves that are home to a variety of fantastic, never-before-seen plants, creatures, and magical energy. Those who feel brave enough to dive into these dark and uncharted subterranean realms will need to prepare accordingly!

Dark and Light puts players in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic.

Frog Fractions 2 Finally Uncovered; Here’s How to Play It Now

A seemingly nondescript game launched on Steam earlier this month is in fact hiding the long-awaited Frog Fractions 2, a group of players have discovered.

As detailed by the group calling itself the Game Detectives, Frog Fractions 2 is hidden inside Glittermitten Grove, which debuted on Steam on December 13. Patch notes for an update released on December 25 caught the attention of some internet sleuths who have taken part in an ongoing augmented-reality game hunt for the Frog Fractions sequel. The search is now over, something that has since been confirmed by developer Jim Crawford. Those who backed its Kickstarter (or contributed to the subsequent Slacker Backer crowdfunding campaign) are now eligible to receive keys for it.

All of this brings an end to a years-long search for Frog Fractions 2, which is detailed on the Game Detectives wiki. The original Frog Fractions was an innocuous browser game that achieved considerable acclaim. Through the guise of a classic edutainment game, it actually amounts to a surprisingly fun game full of strange power-ups, and one that has nothing to do with teaching you math or fractions. You can play it for free here.

A sequel was later confirmed and arrived on Kickstarter in early 2014, but with some unusual qualifications. Crawford, who stated he “created Frog Fractions explicitly to evoke the air of mystery that all video games held in the 1980s,” said the follow-up would come as a true surprise. It would not be called Frog Fractions 2 and, more importantly, its release would not be formally announced in any way. It would be quietly released on PC, with crowdfunding backers only receiving their download keys once the “jig is up,” meaning its existence began to be widely reported.

To access Frog Fractions 2, you’ll first need to buy (or obtain your key for) the $20 Glittermitten Grove, which is its own game. Playing it will allow you to reach a door located in the sky, which leads into the new Frog Fractions. Alternatively, you can get into the game more quickly by using fireworks to dig into the ground, where you can find another door that takes you into Frog Fractions 2. You can see one such door, and some gameplay, through the video above.

New Overwatch heroes are in the works — but we may never get to play them

New Overwatch heroes are in the works — but we may never get to play them


Overwatch has had a pretty big year, by most measures. It’s won several awards, millions of fans and hundreds of hours of players’ time since it launched this past May, among other achievements and honors.

But Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director, took to YouTube to offer more than just a pat on the back in his latest developer update. Instead, as he explains over the course of 12 minutes, he’s looking ahead to what 2017 will bring to Overwatch.

Not everything Kaplan discusses is so revelatory on its own, but even the vague hints of what’s to come should appease fans. Oasis, a map that’s now in beta on the Windows PC version’s public test realm, will launch in full early next year. Kaplan’s team is also working on adding customization to the spray and communication wheels, so that players can select multiples at a time. It’s planning another update for early next year that should “strongly encourage players who are partied up to join team chat,” instead of party chat. That’s one of hardcore fans’ bigger requests, according to Kaplan.

Another huge request, and one that Blizzard Entertainment has acknowledged not long since Overwatch’s release, is a server browser for custom games.

“Right now we have a lot of great functionality in the custom game feature, but not everybody knows that you’re running a custom game,” Kaplan said. To streamline that process and make it more accessible, Blizzard has plans to release a matchmaking system that will let players scroll through the custom games they can join, along with what rulesets are in play, how many people are in the match and other important details.

This is commonly found in other popular multiplayer shooters, like Battlefield 1 and Team Fortress 2. When big games don’t include a server browser on release, fans tend to make their dissatisfaction known. It’s considered a key feature in this day and age, and Blizzard has promised fans as recently as BlizzCon 2016 in November that it was working on bringing a server browser to Overwatch.

More interesting are the promises Kaplan could not make, however. He teased that the development team has more heroes, maps and modes in progress right now, but whether they’ll see the light of day is no guarantee.

“We tend to work on more content than we release because we prototype stuff and sometimes it fails or we don’t like it or we wanna go back to the drawing board,” he said. That includes playable characters, of which there are “multiple” new ones in the works.

At least one of those new heroes has made it to the art phase, however, which should bode well for its chance of making it into Overwatch. There’s no timeline in place for when we’ll be introduced to Overwatch’s next playable character, although we can only hope the wait will be less drawn out and stressful than the one for Sombra, the most recent addition to the cast.

As 2016 comes to a close, Blizzard is helping fans wind down with the game’s Winter Wonderland event, as well as a new installment of the Overwatch comics that features the heroes relaxing, not fighting. But that short story only got the community more excited, as it confirmed the game’s first LGBT hero.

Most Informative Electro Wizard Strategy & Analysis

Hey guys, this is Chucky and I’ve got some great news – the Electro Wizard is coming to the game very shortly and it’s likely we’ll see a few of them flying about before Christmas given the fact that anyone who wins 12 games in the upcoming Electro Wizard Challenge will automatically receive it as a reward. This is a great reward from Clash Royale as it really gives people an incentive to play the challenge in the hope that they’ll get the new legendary before anyone else.

Supercell have also been kind enough to release some footage showing just how powerful the new Electro Wizard will be. The below video takes a closer look at this footage and the stats of the Electro Wizard to ascertain just what it will be able to do and in which situations it will be most useful. Look out for the second slow motion footage as well where you can see just exactly what this latest card is doing.

Let’s take a closer look at the various traits of the Electro Wizard so that we can understand better how it will be used and what cards it will be good against. The E-Wiz has 3 distinguishable traits – it zaps as it lands, it hits two targets at once with its MASSIVE hit range and it has a fast speed.

The Electro Wizard Zap:

At level one the E-Wiz lands with a zap that stuns for 0.5 seconds and thus stunning units and buildings (hint – good bye spark and inferno!). It does 169 damage which is the exact same as a level 9 zap and will kill goblins and skeletons as well as severely damage minions and kill them if they are under-levelled. This is incredibly powerful considering that after it zaps it will then take out two units at a time. This zap will be especially good at countering Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons and Sparkies as the zap will also reset their damage timers due to the 0.5 second stun.

Hitting two targets & hit range:

This may seem like not such a big deal consider a wizard of an equivalent level will hit all the targets straight in front of it but there is a huge difference here. As the video shows, the Electro Wizard can hit targets on opposite lanes from each other. This means that despite technically only having a 5 tile radius, it can hit targets over a 10 tile space as each lightning bolt from its hands is capable of 5 tiles. This will be utterly brilliant against split pushes. Imagine for a second that you have a 3 musketeer split push coming your way – normally something to make the most calm amongst us panic. You can plonk the Electro Wizard down in the middle of the map and it will hit the musketeers in both lanes. Essentially it will cover the entire width of the map making it a seriously powerful defensive unit. Bear in mind, that you’ll ideally have some cover like a tank or a heavier duty unit in front of the Electro Wizard so that it doesn’t take damage. The range of this unit should not be underestimated.

Fast Speed:

One of the more subtle differences between this unit and the normal Wizard is that his has a fast movement speed instead of medium. This means it will be useful behind a Lumberjack or better yet Elite Barbarians as it will be able to keep up with them whilst providing cover fire to both ground and air. Combine this with a clone and you’ll see 4 heavy hitting barbarians with 4 lightning bolts constantly striking the air around them. There is a lot of different decks to play with using this unit.


As with all cards, whilst it’s nice to concentrate on the strengths and what they will bring to the game, it’s also important to look at the weaknesses and what could stop this from being useful in any given situation.

The first thing must be that the Electro Wizard has very low life – lower than a wizard. At just 550 HP he will be unable to survive Fireballs, Lightning or Rocket attacks and will be quickly killed by a variety of units once they target him. He definitely needs to have protection whilst he gets off his lightning bolts.

The second weakness is his hit speed. He hits every 1.7 seconds which is fairly slow for a lighter unit character and to put it in perspective, the musketeer hits every 1.1 seconds meaning it will get 3 shots off for every 2 shots the Electro Wizard manages to get off.

Played correctly, this unit looks to be absolutely awesome and at only 4 elixir it will be great to try it out in all sorts of combinations.

Peria Chronicles: New Interview Tells Everything You Want to Know – Part 2

We continue to translate the interview Korean media Thisisgame did with Peria Chronicles developer Thingsoft recently. You can read the first part here. In this part, you can finally hear of the beta and release time the developer plans for the game.

Will the lands run out if players keep building things?
We should add relevant content to our previous video. In fact if you have enough materials you can create new lands, it’s like building a new world. At first an area may be small but it gets bigger as more materials are used. Players can build portals to connect different areas.

With portals, players can build villages. A powerful clan/guild might be able to control the entire area as well as the portals. But we think this is very unlikely to happen, because there are 2 types of portals: one just exists in the world but can’t be moved, and the other one is built by players and can be destroyed. It’s worth mentioning that portals will disappear itself if no one use it for a long time. So we have complicated rules to manage the portals.

What contents you have for players who aren’t interested in building and crafting?
In our plan, it will be quite impressive if 1-5% players of the game can focus on building and maintaining villages. This small group of players will become mayors or lords and they have some powers. Of course they can choose to run the village in democratic ways. With that everyone can be part of the community.

Will loners feel they don’t have much stuff to play, compared with those who stick the community?
Never forget that the player community is a very creative group. It will be difficult for a single player to create new terrains but it’s not a problem for him/her to modify the terrains.

Once players complete building an instance, the game will reward them. Players and their groups will be happy to create fun instances that loners can also play.

Server capacity and stability must be a great challenge to you?
We have to deal with server issues like performance since players can change many things in the game. We have to think of security and anti-cheating. We are always improving the servers.

MapleStory 2 is a MMO stresses on player-created contents. However the game isn’t as popular as it’s expected. Aren’t you worried the same thing could happen in Peria Chronicles?
It’s difficult to answer this question. We can’t say it’s not possible. We have to reach hardcore players and manage them. We have many players in our forum that know programming, and many of them are waiting for the game. We plan to build our community starting from recruiting those players.

Player-created contents in other MMOs may be just for fun, but those contents influence and change the gameplay in Peria Chronicles. So I think there is a big difference.

That means the game will be a hardcore MMO, and you will have to have a large amount of hardcore gamers at the beginning.
Since there’s no similar game in the market, we don’t have any reference and feedback. But first we will invite players who share our concept to the focus tests.

Tell us about the main story and missions.
Many people try to level up as fast as they can today, and they consume content fast and then ask for new content. To avoid that, we decided to create a game where the community creates its own content. So the developer team doesn’t focus on adding a lot of content and they don’t make a huge storyline for the game.

On the other hand, every village and town in the game is built by players, and they can be destroyed and completely gone. If there are missions in the village, there could be bugs once the village is gone. So honestly, with such game structure, it’s impractical to add deep story content into the game.

Will players feel lost in the game without any mission in the game?
The game does have missions but it offers missions to players in a different way. We have some ideas, such as contracts signed by players. After all, building and managing villages need a lot of players. So villagers and mayors can post bounty missions such as looking for materials and they will pay once the items are delivered.

What’s more, players can create NPCs with certain logics. NPCs can help post bounty missions and contracts for players. The contract we can create is pretty simple at this moment, and it’s like “need A materials to be delivered at B time.” However, we hope players can think of different situation when they create a contract. For instance, if the server goes down or is in maintenance, the contract could expire. If this happens a lot, we’ll consider posting “official contracts” for players.

This game has so many uncertainty and unexpected situations! So when do you plan to release the game?
We already have a lot of props, enough to build a village and instances, and it’s good enough to start small scale tests. We’ll start alpha test as soon as possible in 2017, and then start closed beta in the middle of 2017.

Although there are still a lot of difficult problems we need to deal with. Take house as an example. We could just design a house according to the concept art but we have to give players the freedom to build their own house, and we have to divide a house to different parts from wall to door and to windows. This is very different to the current MMOs and sometimes we really get lost in the development.

We use our own engine so we frequently improve it and add new features. That costs us much more time, and no wonder some players think we are not doing anything. We are working hard and we hope to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018.

Peria Chronicles: New Interview Tells Everything You Want to Know – Part 1

Back in November Thingsoft presented a playable demo at G-STAR 2016, allowing players to try the remake version of Peria Chronicles. It was a very raw demo that included terrain editing and combat, and it got mixed reactions. To address the community concern, the developer team did an interview with Korean media Thisisgame. Below is the translation of the interview.

Any community feedback of the G-STAR demo impressed you?
We didn’t want feedback and comments like “good, great”, and instead, we needed actual impressions after playing our demo. We heard comments like “with the combat system, my character didn’t have too much freedom, it’s not good.” “How are we supposed to play with other players in this way?” We loved to see both negative and positive comments that players made after they played the demo.

We were worried about combining TCG style combat with player-created content inside our team. The reaction at G-STAR showed this combination was possible.

However, players who never played anything like that before still felt lost.
That’s right. People thought the game was like Mabinogi after they saw the gameplay video but felt disappointed after playing the demo. The game is never advertised as an action game and the actual combat gameplay does disappoint people who expect Mabinogi style combat.

People mentioned the issue of optimization. We tried our best to attend G-STAR in order to tell the world that we were still developing the game, so we didn’t have much time to optimize the demo.

There were also concerns on the progress of the game development.
Indeed, the game is still in very early phase and we hear feedback about the incompletion of the demo. People may feel weird when they see the character creation UI. The fact is the UI can be created by players themselves, including buttons and different types of windows which were composed of props.

Mobs in the game drop these props and players can collect these props to design their own UI. The G-STAR demo’s UI wasn’t created by our artists but built with the props in the game. That’s why it looked strange to players.

That means the demo’s UI isn’t created by the developers?
Players can trade props and UI in the game, and some players can design beautiful UI while others can’t. That’s why players will have such confusion.

It seems that players can access to a lot of content which is beyond our expectation.
Peria Chronicles encourages players to create content, with a large part of content developed to allow players to learn to create things. The G-STAR demo which offered 20 minutes of gameplay didn’t really show what the game is about.

G-STAR 2016 allowed us to show the terrain modification tool and combat system earlier. We wanted to get feedback and will make changes to the content if players said that’s not right. TCG combat is played in real-time and players can walk into it anytime.

First time hear of we can edit the combat. So basically the game content is composed of player-created content?
This game is not focusing on combat and it’s not easy thing to learn to create. Even the developers in our team made mistakes when they tried to build something. Even the fastest learners need 2-3 days to create something from the scratch. It’s impossible to learn everything in a 20 minutes demo.

Peria Chronicles’ instances are built by players as well. We hope players can create interesting instances. The instance in the G-STAR demo was a prototype. It looked no different to other MMOs’ instances but its traps and mobs were actually from the props in the game. We offered every possible thing to players and see what instances they can make.

The G-STAR demo was more like a preview of what the future instances could look like?
Yes. How a door opens and closes, and how mobs appear are all created using the props and the tools. I’d like to clarify that the instance in that demo had a logical mistake and a door wouldn’t open. Our staff had to help players to get through it via the demo’s console.

About the future of the game, we want to know how the game will evolve. Because many players saw this game as Mabinogi 2, and is Peria Chronicles going to be like Mabinogi that gets new features regularly, or is it focuses on adding new stories?

It’s an honor our game is compared with Mabinogi. In fact, Peria Chronicles is a very different game, and if players expect this game to be Mabinogi 2, they may be disappointed. If we have to find a game that’s similar to Peria Chronicles, probably we will say Minecraft. Our goal is to allow players to constantly build the game rules and system to replace the old ones.

Then the game will have to implement social system, isn’t it too complicated to players?
We planned to separate the economy, politics, and creating parts at the beginning, but as we simplified the creation logics, we believed it’s easier for players to learn how to create and build in the game now.

The G-STAR demo had a mission that required players to control the panel in the instance to open a door. As long as the logic is right, the door can be opened. What is creation logic? A simple example is if you want to build a village that disallows smoking, you have 2 logical options: create a law to punish smoking or simply make smoking disable.

If you choose the former option, you have to use props work like CCTV to catch the smokers and then use props that can fine or expel the smokers. If you take the alternative option, you will use a non-smoking sign that comes with a command “disable smoking within a X meters radius”. This will make smoking impossible.

Of course we don’t have the behavior of smoking in the game, but we have similar things. Our G-STAR demo allows players to implement logics like disable PK, no communication with NPCs, and disable repairing villages, etc.

How do we use these props and logics to create a village’s economy and politics?
First players have to build a village on a plot of land. That involves modifying terrains (flat land will make your village easy to break into), preparing for materials to build houses and facilities, and determining the rules of the village’s economy, politics, and NPC behaviors.

Say you want to build a village that disallows any form of fight, you have to use the no-PK sign, or you want to charge taxes, you will use another sign. Minecraft allows you to make your own rules, and Peria Chronicles allows you to make your own systems.

Can I say the game will become more completed gradually?
We want players to take the time from simple to complication. Go back to the logic of “no-PK in the village”, you can actually add another logic such as “PK is allowed for level 20+ players.” We will do a lot of experiments to design a manual for players to use logics. We will offer preset logics so players know they have these options and they can make changes to the logics. For instance, a preset logic for charging taxes can be modified or improved. You can decide whether the taxes go to the village’s storage or go straight into your own pocket, and you can charge specific amount of taxes to specific behaviors of the visitors.

I can’t imagine how many props the game will have if everything is composed of it.
We try to simplify the logics and allow combining multiple props to work as a new prop. Players will need some program knowledge to write logics and it’s fine if they don’t know any. They can combine different props together to get what they want. We will monitor players behaviors in the game and if we find many players combine the similar props to make another prop or achieve a new logic, we’ll add that prop or a preset logic to the game.

Looks like if a player invests enough time to the creation, they can play more contents.
We do have blueprints to tell players how to create things and what materials they need. So even a player doesn’t know how to write the logic for the No-PK sign, they can purchase the blueprint for the No-PK sign and all they need to do is gathering necessary materials. Whether you can use props created by other players is still in discussion. Directly download other players creation is a easy solution but what want it happens in the game.

Would the in-game chat channel be full of contents like “where to purchase no-smoking sign?”
Right. Can’t help to imagine how fun it would be.

Peria Chronicles is an MMORPG and in the game if a group of powerful players gang together there could be problems. How do you balance it?
Once a player learns how to create content or become a “game developer”, the concern of “power” pops up. From setting a sign to modify the terrains, it’s an act of playing god. We thought this through before we started making the game. In fact, it’s impossible to build a village by one man. You can’t play god without the materials needed to build the village. Let’s say to produce a unit of material (the material is a general concept), it takes 10 minutes. To set up a sign or get a plot of land, it requires 100 units of materials, and if it’s produced by one man, it will take over 10 hours.

One man doesn’t have enough materials to build and manage a village but a large group has. Whether a single person or a community wants to manage a village, they have to rely on materials from the mass.

So if there is a mean player tries to use his power to do bad things, the mass won’t let him access to their materials and that bad player won’t be able to do too many things.

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